Grant County Court House
Milbank, South Dakota
Commissioners Group Photo
Marty Buttke, Mike Mach, Doug Stengel, William Street, William Tostenson
The Grant County Commission is an elected board who oversees the management of the county. The commissioners are elected by district to staggered terms of four years. The Commission's scheduled meetings are on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays each month.

General Responsibilities of the Commission
  • Serves as the Drainage Board
  • Serves as Board of Equalization
  • Oversees the fiscal management of the departments
  • Adopts budgets
  • Levy taxes
  • Approves claims for payment
  • Manages the care, preservation and sale of county property
  • Adopts resolutions and ordinances
  • Enacts policies and procedures
  • Manages the county road and bridge system
  • Manages insurance program
  • Establishes a jail and the policies it operates under

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